I am a scholar, researcher, and teacher with the University of Washington's Department of Geography. I have also taught with UW Bothell's Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program and the UW Honors Program. My research explores the biopolitical production of health at the nexus of state and market forces and its implications for relations between humans and their environment, democracy and capitalism, justice and care. My dissertation Bodies in Captivity examines the everyday administration of incarcerated individual's constitutional right to healthcare and asks how their "biological citizenship" manifests in a prison system that by definition seeks to debilitate full citizenship. In a collaborative project with fellow geographer Skye Naslund, I investigate the ties between racial neoliberal capitalism and helminthic therapy - the use of parasites to treat allergies and autoimmune disorders. My earliest research examined the queer intimacy and domestic resistance of 'crazy cat ladies.' My teaching focuses on creating a classroom that is more than the sum of its parts. Through rigorous inquiry and creative collaboration, I work with students to foster the tools necessary to individual success and collective liberation - critical thinking, active listening, local application, sustained curiosity, and ethical engagement. 

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