Welcome! In Fall of 2020, the students of GEOG 478 Social Justice and the City at The University of Washington in Seattle took part in a ten-week course to study the US criminal-legal system, its history, its impacts, and efforts to reform and/or abolish it. The following podcasts, each on a topic chosen by the students, represent the fruits of their labor. Each student listed below has given their consent to have their podcast shared with the general public. Enjoy!

Private Prisons in US HistoryMadisyn Scribner | madisyn.scribner@gmail.com | CW: Physical violence
00:00 / 19:22
Soul Death: Solitary Confinement in the United StatesGriffin Holmes | holmeg3@uw.edu | CW: Physical violence and self-harm
00:00 / 19:14
The "Three Strikes" Law and Mass IncarcerationWilliam Lee
00:00 / 11:49
Policing, Police Unions, and Police Reform in SeattleMax Kauffman | jmkauff@uw.edu
00:00 / 10:47
Is That MY Block - Episode 57: Housing, Abolition, JusticeCameron Miller | http://students.washington.edu/sidmil/
00:00 / 29:40
Indian Policing and the 1984 Anti-Sikh RiotsRanvir Chhina
00:00 / 11:12